Saturday, 21 April 2012

I'll take that coffee... as an IV drip!

Totally having one of those nights tonight where I need a coffee and bad. I did happen to get one on my way home from some errands tonight, after near about falling asleep while driving. One thing that helped was the sporadic kicks in the back from Miss R who sits right behind the driver. Miss A is happy as a clam sleeping, but R, she's a wild woman as my mom calls her. Almost 10pm, and she's still raring to go, but fortunately asleep.

3am though, that was another story.... R woke me up calling her usual "Mama....Mama..." cries, but they sounded a touch odd early this morning. I checked on her, and walked into the kids room to the smell of toddler vomit. 3am, and the smell of toddler vomit on her bedding, and floor and in her hair and on her clothes.... Imagine those scenes from the movie Shaun of the Dead, where they are doing their strategy/plan, and the scenes are so abrupt in how things are depicted. That is essentially my 3am. Run bath water, strip toddler of all clothes, toss crying half asleep toddler in bath, strip bedding, run bedding and clothing to washer, scrub toddler down, re clothe toddler post bath, place toddler in the big bed for the rest of the night with vomit catching receptacle. Yup... that was that. I fell asleep though while the stuff was in the dryer, and next thing I knew, there was a baby crying wanting to be fed at 7am, so then there was 2 kids, and me in bed. (Hubby was at work by now, so it is essentially fend for yourself as a mom between the hours of 1:30am till almost noon, 5 days a week, until 6 pm.)

Someone needs to remind me why I need to start going to sleep earlier. I fiddled around with doing taxes last night, but forgot to tell hubby what we can possibly expect for our returns. Yeah.. I really need to just buy shares in Post-It's and keep them everywhere. Hrm, that's not a bad idea... then again, some nutty ideas hit me at late hours, but doesn't mean I should roll with them... or should I?

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