Friday, 7 September 2012

What August brought, and September brings....

So, August in our family brought a great busy month. Not only did our little Miss A turn 1, but my DH's twin brother got married. Not even 2 weeks later, another good friend of ours got married. Differences between the two weddings? One was without our kids! (Hello? I am talking a 24+ hour glorious vacation with NO KIDS! Holla!) 

I had gone back to work in July, so August was a very messed up month for time off that I needed. Yes, I did give work the list of days off, seeing as if I was to get no time off for the first wedding, my mother in law would probably hunt me down and shoot me, promptly followed by my sister in law. Yup, I would be shot on site. Fortunately, work saw it in their best interest to keep me alive for yet another day, so I got my days off! Our daughter R was flower girl at this wedding, and to everyones delight, she did her task very well! No melt downs, no tantrums, no fuss. Flower petals hit the ground, she looked like a seasoned pro! Miss A was sitting with me during the ceremony, while my DH was a groomsman. Yeah, I felt slightly jipped, but got to stare at whom I believe to be the hottest guy at that wedding in a tux, which was my husband! The day went well, but for 2 kids, it was so long. We used them as an excuse to leave by 9pm, and went home to have some nice quiet time with kiddies asleep! The end of this wedding marked the end of my sister in law being a bridezilla....ish. Naw, she was pretty good, though, keeping things to a strict time line just not my cup of tea for a wedding.

The second wedding 2 weeks later took a tad of coordination for it. The night before, we had to be at the wedding location for the rehersal, so that involved cashing in the free night of babysitting from my sister and her boyfriend (with much evil cackling that they didn't realize) to drive over an hour to a beautiful location! And even better for me, crap cell reception! YES! Downside was driving after the awesome dinner to go get the kids, put them to bed at home, pack the car, and yes, prepare to essentially do a diaper change, dress and go first thing in the morning when they woke up. They got shipped off to my mom's place, I got dressed for the wedding, and booked it like nobody's business in the hubby's Mustang looking in my opinion pretty damn hot. Hubby thought so when I pulled in to the hotel as he was all dressed up in his tux. Both weddings outside... though this one, twonie bar! And lots of wine on the tables at dinner! This one I found to be more enjoyable, because I didn't have to chase 2 kids, and could spend time with my husband. Go figure... we kinda looked at eachother later that night going, "Oh hey! There is the hot guy/girl I married, and fell in love with 12 years ago!" Yeah, sometimes that reconnection is a good thing!

It is what? September now, and I still wish I could be at the second wedding again most weekends since, seeing as I missed having that adult time with my husband. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but really, some days I feel like a glorified babysitter! Yeah... one screams like she's possesed by something from the Exorcist, while the other gleefully just laughs at me secretly. I might have to see about pawning the kids off on their grandparents on more of a regular basis for overnights, just so I can have some fun here and there!

On another note, a busy August brought about the start of a new chapter for us.... wait for it.... Parents of a Preschooler. Almost sounds like it could be warped into a horror movie title! Miss R started preschool, and her teacher the first day was all like, "She has so much energy! She was go go go the whole time!" Yeah, is it bad that I secretly laughed after I left with kid in tow thinking, 'This is why I pawn her off on you guys 3 days a week! I can't keep up with two, especially when this one does a great number of wiping me out!' Somehow, I think preschool for some of us parents is a funny thing... we bring our kids in, all glad that they are learning, but secretly, we are rejoicing at the concept of being kid free, or one kid less in my case for a few glorious hours! No hands trying for cookies in the store, no demands for Starbucks treats, just glorious silence! Yeah, silence, because for me, Miss A takes a nap for 4 hours not even an hour after R starts her class! 

So all in all, I feel drained from a few short weeks of summer activities than I do in a whole year of mat leave.... man, I need to win the lottery and hit up the Bahamas... kid free... for a week.... with some glorious man eye candy serving me mojitos!

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