Friday, 8 June 2012

And I have a girly girl for a kid???

So sorry it has been a while since I posted! So busy with life, Mother's Day and family! 

It seems that somehow, amidst all the chaos of my life, Miss R wound up being a girly girl. A what you may ask? Yeah, a girly girl... she likes getting her nails done, makeup, tutus and anything frilly and pretty. For those who know me, I like my jeans, comfy tank and lately skate shoes. Yep, polar opposite of me. I never was too girly as a kid, and now, I have a daughter who loves being a girl! So, when R is constantly yelling at me "Colour! Colour!" I have to make an excuse to NOT always paint her nails. I have however come across a all natural nail polish that when used, does not reek of chemicals and am hoping to find more colour choices. What is this glorious stuff you might ask? Why, Piggy Paint of course! Who knew that someone actually would make something that I can feel ok about putting on my kids!

Now, only to figure out how to avoid the constant tutu wearing! 

Piggy Paint is the website for this glorious product, and hopefully, I get to test out more colours soon on R!

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